Smart article on marriage in NYT July 18

2015-07-19_211429Pretty funny piece on being married, smart, this weekend’s NY Times.

Great bits: Her proposed toast!

“…it’s unlikely they will be each other’s best friend every single minute forever. And that while it’s good to aim high, it’s quite probable they will let each other down many times in ways both petty and profound that in this blissful moment they can’t even fathom.

Hard to imagine that making many glasses clink happily, but press on!

Her editorial comments:

It is easy for people who have never tried to do anything as strange and difficult as being married to say marriage doesn’t matter, or to condemn those who fail at it, or to mock those who even try. But there is so much beauty in the trying, and in the failing, and in the trying again. Peter renounced Jesus three times before the cock crowed. And yet, he was the rock upon whom Christ built his church.

Hey, a theology of grace in the NYT. Whew. So much better than the good old “try harder.” Ragamuffin Brennan Manning Jack Miller Martin Luther Sonship pure pleasure. Have your own read.




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