“Thou hast taken hold of my right hand.” –Psalm 73:21


When he realizes the fantastic success of practical people, the writer is strongly tempted to abandon his faith,. The rich and powerful have it all now; no seeming need to refer to any god. Earlier the writer says: my feet almost slipped – an image of walking on a narrow path, losing one’s balance, and falling.

Now he affirms: God, you are holding me even when I was an unthinking this-world-only being, not remembering your promises and your power. “I was like an animal before you.” Now he realizes, in this unrolling meditation that sees him restored, that even his foolishness was in God’s hand. The Spirit kept him, we see in the light of the New Testament. Even as a beast before you, I am continuously before you (same Hebrew word for “before” or some translations, “with.”

Not only my brain, not only my thoughts; you Lord have taken my right hand bodily to physically guide me and keep me from pitching off the road.

What a great, great assurance. For in-Christ people, the spirit of Christ himself lives within. Talk about a “paraclete,” a Comforter, one who comes alongside (John 15-17).

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Now, that’s praise! “Songs Of Praise” from a migrant/refugee church In Calais, France

The BBC Is Filming “Songs Of Praise” At Migrant Church In Calais And Some People Are Furious

TV crews plan to broadcast footage from a migrant camp in Calais, France full of people hoping to reach Britain.

The BBC‘s decision to film a special edition of ‘Songs Of Praise’ from Calais’ biggest migrant camp has inflamed opinions, with critics branding the move “insensitive” while others say it could help humanize the crisis.

Crews for the TV program have been filming at a church in the so-called ‘Jungle’, a sprawling encampment home to thousands hoping to reach Britain.

 A woman enters the site of a church in a make shift camp near the port of Calais on July 31, 2015 in Calais, France. Strike action and daily attempts by hundreds of migrants to enter the Channel Tunnel and onto trains heading to the United Kingdom is causing delays to passenger and freight services across the channel. British Prime Minster David Cameron has announced that extra sniffer dogs and fencing are to be sent to Calais and land owned by the Ministry of Defence is to be used as a lorry park to ease congestion near the port of Dover in Kent. 

Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford, told The Sun on Thursday: “This is an insensitive thing to do. We are facing a grave crisis.

PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

The BBC Is Filming “Songs Of Praise” At Migrant Church In Calais And Some People Are Furious.