Where am I coming from? A rationalist, efficiency-oriented, managerially-minded performance-attuned family background leading into a ten-year teenage detour into a law-oriented cult. Then a search through high literature and Kurt Vonnegut to make sense of modern life. An undergraduate university experience that was a microcosm of modern alienation, between drunken residence floor life on one hand to acute loneliness. The contradictory strands resolved through reading and reading and thinking and singing, especially singing along with Bruce Cockburn. A culmination in far-off Papua New Guinea where the inescapable Christ made his logic non-refusable, non-refundable, compelling beyond words. Then, a life-long pursuit to make this journey understandable to friends, to share through shared meanings a growing community life.  Many experiences since then inside and outside churches making the journey bumpy and uncomfortable by times, unbelievably inclusive and care-filled at other points. A desire to make friends by sharing experience and a key text.


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